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Site updates

New Gallery integration and pictures added.

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Coppermine LogoOne of the things that has always bothered me since I transitioned to the newest version of this site is that I didn't have my Gallery integrated with my site at all. If you wanted to look at my pictures you where taken to a separate page with a completely separate theme. The gallery will still have it's own theme until I have time to make new ones to match the site, but going between the home page and the gallery should now be as seamless as going to any other page on this site. Basically I am just using an iframe so if you want access it the old way just do a CRTL + Left Mouse click or SHIFT + Left mouse click (depending on your browser and preferences) on any link on the gallery page. Test it out by taking a look at my two most recent additions, by taking a look at my Prowler Construction pictures in the Worlds of Fun area and the new Schlitterbahn Vacation Village gallery.

New Site Theme

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On my old site I had a Halloween and Christmas theme. I decided that this site needed the same treatment. Since Halloween is only 60 days away I am making the theme live today. Let me know what you think by sending me a message using the Contact Me link.